SciChain team


The initiative started around 2017, from a family of researchers, the Coelho’s.

Vitor Nazário Coelho

Dr. Vitor Nazário Coelho
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Interests: Combinatorial Optimization, Resolution of NP-Hard Problems and Blockchain

World is a path of coincidences. Since I finished my PhD SciChain came as an idea that we knew that was needed for society.
We want to design a flexible template that can be cost-effectively to be run on the NEO Virtual Machine.

Igor Machado Coelho

Prof. Dr. Igor Machado Coelho
PhD in Computer Science
Interests: Optimization, High-Performance Computing and Blockchain

The future is right before our eyes, just depending on technology to get there. My passion is putting technological and academic knowledge together, a proud member of NeoResearch open community.

Prof. Dr. Bruno Nazário Coelho

Prof. Dr. Bruno Nazário Coelho
PhD in Material Engineering
Interests: Science, Robotics, and Industry 4.0

Science is the core of the modern world.

Collaborators and developers

Scichain is open for a free knowledge exchange journey, in which everyone is invited to join the team and contribute with to the project by developing, writing, supporting or with ideas.

Fábio Cardoso

Fábio Cardoso
Specialist in Computer Science and cryptography
Interests: Smart contracts

Ms. Thays Aparecida de Oliveira

Thays Aparecida de Oliveira
Master in Business
Interests: Science on the context of Smart and Digital Cities

My interests involves how citizens can now interact with modern science since population is now massively inserted in urban areas.