Including a new reviewer (referee)

Basic instructions

Each editor can register a set of reviewers using RegisterReviewer function, passing both its address (20 bytes) and the reviewer address (20 bytes).

neo> testinvoke 0xfc47d1b7b2fe38096433af7c5e543033d87a86d1 "526567697374657252657669657765722829" ["AUk19KeZqgryWfxfvfAkCcEFLNGhzoPivi","APLJBPhtRg2XLhtpxEHd6aRNL7YSLGH2ZL"]`

Used GAS: 1.818 Gas

This function returns true (1) if reviewer is successfully registered. If the reviewer is included many times, system will return the appropriate message: “Reviewer already registered”.

Useful information

This function has already many internals that deal with Endorsement invocations (interacting with several other functions), and in future works (see roadmap below) we will allow for self-managed journals to filter reviewers automatically (integrated with a Dynamic Invoke smart contract called Smart Rules, in the same github project).